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Maybe no other therapy in the world is as old as acupressure. It is said that it is as old as the human instinct. So, a natural reaction is to touch the sore place with our hand.

The essence of the acupressure, which in the last centuries has been improved by the Chinese, is down to reciprocating the sore place with the same amount of hard pressure. The ancient Chinese defined acupressure differently: in order to reduce the pain and establish balance between the body organs, the acupressure will help you. Yet, the acupressure has two approaches: one of them is ‘aku-yoga’, and the other is ‘ Do-in ‘. In the first case, deep breathing fingers’ pressure meditation and extension are used. In the other case, extension and breathing are used, and special attention is paid on the hard techniques which stimulate the acupressure spots and the meridians.

Ancient skill

With a simple pressure on the meridians, which are the ways that connect the surface of the body to the body organs, can be eliminated or at least reduced a lot of difficulties like: establishing spiritual and body harmony and eliminating the stress which by itself increases the pain, healing depression, agitation and anxiety. Simultaneously, these meridians are leaders to ‘chiju ‘ (Qi) – the vital energy, which every living being has. It is known that these meridians are ways which connect the acupressure spots one with the other and also with the internal organs. Just like the blood vessels are paths where the blood physically flows and sustains the body, the meridians are channels where the vital energy moves and goes through the human body. They actually represent a part of the communication system of the universal life energy, and connect the organs to all the sensitive, physiological and emotional centers in the organism. Some curators connect the acupressure to the breathing exercises, meditation and wise ( different hand position ), while others combine it with plant extracts and massage. However, the acupressure is actually pressflextherapy, which is based on stimulating the mechanoreceptors by pressing the acupuncture zones. The correct application of this therapy means using the main principles of classic massage: rubbing, extension, vibration etc. it is mainly done with the tip of one, two or three fingers and rarely with the surface or base of the whole hand.

Fingers instead of needles

Besides lowering the pain, the acupressure helps with establishing the body balance, eliminates the tension and stress, which prevents the normal functioning of the organism and affect the immunity of the body negatively. It allows the body to adapt the changes of the environment in which it exists and in that way opposes the diseases.

When the muscle is chronically tensed or in a crump, the muscle fibers crump because of the secretion of the lactic acid which leads to exhaustion, stress, trauma, chemical imbalance or bad circulation. For example, if we are stressed there are difficulties with the breathing. Certain acupressure spots reduce the tension of the lungs and help with better breathing.

In the other side, when pressure is done on some spot, the muscle tension drops enabling the fibers to relax and the blood freely flows. That enables better elimination of the toxins from the body. Exactly that increases the body resistance towards diseases and enhances a longer, healthier and psychologically more relaxed life. The acupressure uses the same spots as the acupuncture. The basic difference is that in acupuncture are used special needles and in acupressure the push of the hands, fingers and in some techniques the feet. The advantage of the acupressure is that it is very simple and it can be performed anytime and anywhere. It can help us when we are upset, under stress and when we want to regain the inner peace and balance.

We usually act unconsciously. We help ourselves even when we rub our hands until they heat up. In this situation a magnetic field is formed and it stimulates the flow of the life energy in the body and leads the spirit and the body in a condition of harmonic balance. It is recommended, as the curators say, to rub the hands in cold water for about 5 minutes, so that we would release the rest of the negative energy.

The acupressure as a help of the medical therapy

Although the acupressure ca not replace the medical therapy it is still a good supplement to it. It is one of the simplest ways of enhancing balance and spiritual harmony. It could help the patients with cancer, lowering the intensity of the chronic pain, but still not a disappearance of the stress, anxiety, depression and the upset of sleep , which appear as a result of the appearance of this disease.

The acupressure especially helps in stress control , which appears when the strong emotions are not expressed freely. Then comes to a tension which deposits on the muscles. The acupressure helps in regaining the emotional balance by freeing the deposited tension which has been caused by strong emotions.