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Anti-stress therapy

Or the so called Psycho-physic-neurotherapy is applied by using the latest technology devices, using psychology and physiology principles, when the physical and psychological responses given by the organism are modified in order to achieve total recovery. The central, peripheral and autonomic nerve system are treated as well as the neural network and structures which correspond and intervene to the mind control.

The computerized programs of the device are with proven security and allow progressive relaxation. While the clients are treated, they are comfortably laid in a bed and are also exposed to audio – music therapy, so that they would go out of their stress, obsession, difficulties etc.

The protocols and programs, which work with absolute precision include: certain nerve stimulation, relaxation techniques, relaxation response, deep massage and techniques based on following the neural frequency, which during the therapy change the client’ s sensations, perception and their flow. They lead to deactivation of the left hemisphere of the brain ( the conscious mind ) and transfer the control to the right hemisphere ( the unconsciousness ), changing and creating new specific conditioned reflexes (Pavlov ), which allow the client subconscious control of his problems and improving his organism, through the techniques of deep relaxation, constant dreaming, eliminating the pain, control in stressful situations, increasing the self confidence, lowering the anxiety and controlling the emotions and worries.


- Disturbed sleep;

- Anxiety;

- Obsession;

- Depression;

- Obesities, anorexia, bulimia;

- Posttraumatic stress;

- Nighttime urination;

- Improving the skin condition ( herpes );

- Programs for controlling chronic diseases;

- Therapies for tobacco addicts;

- Phobias;

- Increasing the self confidence;

- Improving the menopause condition.