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Using the electrical power in treating the ill conditions is not a new idea. There is a proof that even since ancient time people used electric eels in treating gout. But for the development of electrotherapy it still had to be waited until the development of the science, of the discovering, describing and explaining the electrical power as well as creating an adequate equipment by which with a precise intensity, shape and frequency of the electric impulses, it could reach the wanted part of the human body. The modern equipment for electrotherapy is completely computerized and enables precise therapeutic shape for all illnesses that require this type of therapy, and there is a long list of the forms of electro impulses which have curative effect. Generally speaking, the electrotherapy lowers the pain, eliminates the swell and decreases the inflammatory process. Physiologically speaking, the following physiological results go on under the electrode or in the zone where the electrical power runs through: vasodilatation ( widening of the blood-vessels ), hyperemia ( flush of the skin with existing warmth ), the change of ingredients in the station improves and the pH value normalizes, the irritation of the nocioreceptors lowers ( the sensitive receptors, which means that the pain is lowered ), the healing of the tissues is faster, the muscle contraction is bigger … All these effects could be achieved only by right and exceptionally individual application of one or more electrical modality at a specific patient with a specific condition strictly recommended by the physiotherapist. In cases of chronic diseases, postoperative recovery or sanction of acute injuries, the electrotherapy is combined with plenty of other physiotherapeutic techniques like massage, laser, ultrasound as well as kinesiotherapy. Only that type of complex treatment leads to the best final results.

The operating of the interference power conforms with the diadynamic power, but the interference power still has stronger and deeper effect and better tolerance to the vibration massage. The interference power affects the development of the callus, and also the growth of the bone tissue. The length of the treatment is 10 – 15 days, except for the callus stimulation where the application lasts 4 weeks. One process lasts 10 – 15 minutes, depending on the indication.

When do we use the interference power:

- Rheumatic diseases;

- Paresis and paralysis;

-Diseases of the blood – vessels;

- Different orthopedic diseases.