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Kinesio taping

Kinesio taping is a Japanese method which is based on natural healing of ones own body.

The technique consists of application of specially designed Kineziotex plaster on a specific area of the body. Depending on the way of application the wanted result is achieved.

Kineziotex tape is thin, cotton adhesive plaster which can, according to the need, to lengthen up to 100 %.


With the right traction and application on the specific part of the body we can reach the required results. The proprioceptors are stimulated, and the movement is facilitated or inhabited and changed depending on what we need to achieve.

Kinesio taping plasters to not interfere in everyday activities of the patient, or the showering because they are waterproof.

The effects of kinesio taping are proved with effective activation of the neurological and circulatory system.

In excessive straining of the muscles it comes to inflammation. The space between the skin and the muscles compresses and results in intense thrust of the lymphatic liquor, and then a thrust on the pain receptors. There are symptoms of inconvenient pain and lowered movement.

During the application of kinesio taping the pain is lowered, the lymphatic drainage is facilitated in a way that it lifts the skin up and widens the intercellular space. The result is lowering the pain because the pressure on the under skin receptors for pain is reduced. The reduction of the compression enables better lymphatic drainage and reduction of the opportunities for more difficult injuries, swells or bleeding.

Other physiological principles of  kinesio taping are:

- Reducing the pain;

-Enhancing the circulation;

-Sanction of the swelling;

-Improvement of the joint movement and correction of its slackness;

- Improving the muscle function and its relaxation.

It is used in several pathologies: lymph edema, sports injuries, bursitis, carpal tunnel, spondyloarthrosis, discopathy, osteoarthritis, tendinitis, epicondylitis, Achilles tendon, paresis etc.

The advantage is that it can be used from acute to the last phase of rehabilitation. It could be recommended to almost everyone, from children to elderly people. It is even recommended to children with cerebral paralysis in the early phase of the therapy or even scoliosis.

There are some great results with the professional sportsmen, so it has a great use in the sports’ world. It can be applied 20 – 30 minutes before a training or a competition. Because they are waterproof they can be used by swimmers or water polo players