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Magneto therapy

Since the time of discovering the magnetic power, it was believed that this invisible energy has some curative effect. The tries of using it in curing were different, from simple permanent magnets on the diseased part of the body, to putting the whole body in one big constant magnetic field. Then the first cases of healing and bettering the condition at diseases where it has never been the case before.

But the problem here was actually placebo, i.e. the ability of the body to heal itself if the person was sure that one way of healing really works. In that way, in the 18th century, Mesmer broadly exposed the magnetism ( in this case electromagnetism ) as a therapy with ‘ miraculous ‘ healings which were done in Paris and Vienna. Even later, with the development of electro techniques and electronics, other devices which can produce magnetic field appear, and they have the needed intensity and then the meaning and functioning of the magnetic waves on the metabolism, physiology and healing of some diseases, could finally be adequately researched.

The pulse magnetic field ( which is used in physical therapy today ) works mainly through a stative membrane with electrolytes in it. Or in other words, the permeability of the stative membrane increases under the magnetic waves, as well as its metabolism, also the formation of the molecules responsible for the energy and force is enhanced and the deprivation of the ballast ( waste ) materials from the same place is quickened. All of that, betters the healing of the tissue attacked by some pathological process. All of these effects are caused by a pulsing magnetic field, i.e. a source which is able of establishing and interrupting magnetism very fast. Only then, ‘waves ‘ and electricity is made on the specific places of the tissue, which is actually the primary cause of the magneto therapy. The lasting, constant and natural magnets ( like the compass one ) do not have that ability, although today it is spoken about the positive effects of the constant magnetic field for some diseases, it is still not scientifically proven. Regarding the functioning, is often used for bone fractures, for fast healing, as well as injuries of the muscles, strings, ligaments, rheumatism diseases, and also postoperative healing.