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This is divisively the oldest physiotherapeutic technique which is still being used. Although in the last decades a lot of sophisticated massage appliances are developed, still not one of them has managed to change the hands of an experienced physical therapist. Those who are keen to the new era philosophy would say that this is because of the exchange of energy between the masseur and the patient. But it is maybe because of the precise feeling by which the therapist relaxes the muscles tension and lowers or eliminates the pain.

Physiologically, the massage boosts the blood and lymph circulation so that the treated place is heated slightly. It also comes to lowering the muscle tonus (inactivity tension ). On the cell level, the membrane penetration is increased and the metabolism is accelerated. The latest researches also show a range of other positive effects. The average person would probably be confused by the range of massages that are offered today, mostly with some unusual and exotic names. Sometimes it may seem that some of these techniques have beautiful and miraculous characteristics. But there is one simple division which can ease the understanding. There are two types of massages – medical and non-medical. The first have strict application in treatment of specific diseases and ill conditions. It is really important for the massages to be performed by a massage expert with an adequate medical education. Only with those techniques it would be possible to eliminate the pain, the muscle cramp, to lower the rubbing, the swell or to affect positively on the some other symptom of inconvenience. In a combination with other curative treatments, the massage is really powerful in establishing of condition of fully functional locomotor, cardiovascular and nerve system. The nonmedical massages serve for relaxation of a part or the whole body. These massages are mostly used for alleviating the stress. With conducting the massage, comprising the whole body we perform a complete relaxing massage. With doing a massage on parts of the body it is performed the so called partial massage. Because of the positive reaction of the whole organism, it became clear why the massage has become an unavoidable part of everyday life, for curative purposes and enjoyment as well. Regardless the type of the massage used, the result must be a spiritual and bodily release and a deep relaxation. The massage is the best way to achieve relaxation and to withhold the health. The massage could not cure all disease, but it can certainly improve the general state of the organism, to lower the difficulties and to speed up the healing process. Every man needs to relax and to escape the everyday life for some time. Headaches, cramps, insomnia, tension, stress are only some of the things which can be eased with massage.

Good massage creates a feeling of pleasantness, thrust and happiness!