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Professional literature

The book “ Balneotherapy with Humana Bioclimatology”, by the author Snezana Lazarevska, describes balneotherapy as a medical treatment in an easy and picturesque way, which has a significant contribution in a lot of medical disciplines, especially in the area of physiotherapy and medical rehabilitation. This method finds its use more and more in preventive medicine for relaxation, rest and preserving the health, which actually leads to its broad use in everyday life. Therefore, studying the mechanisms of functioning of balneotherapy, the way of conducting the therapy as well as the expected therapeutic effects, has got a great importance in the modern medicine today.

In the content, which is appropriately systemized, the author describes the possible factors from the nature as well as the effect of their curative characteristics on the physiological and pathophysiological processes in the organism. In addition, the possible natural factors of balneoclimatology, such as the thermal baths, peloids and the curative gases in the thermal centres and the therapeutic potentials of the climatic centres are explained in details.

This is why this book represents a great challenge for further development of the balneotherapy in our country, considering the fact that the available natural resources are the primary conditions for acquiring and maintaining the physical and mental health. According to this and taking into account the curative characteristics and effect on the health of the balneotherapy, this book is highly recommended to all the medical vocations which professionally are interested in and apply the physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation at the patients with acute or chronic diseases, as well as the students at physiotherapy or all the other medical departments and the doctors who besides the basic therapy in the treatment of numerous diseases consider the therapy of nature.

Lastly, this book is welcome to all those who have trust in the nature, in its curative effect and the possibility to strengthen the health and to preserve the quality of life and longevity.